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Disintermediation refers to the process of “cutting out the middle man” — reducing the number of links in the supply chain by eliminating certain functions. If you’ve ever tried to sell a home yourself rather than using a real estate agent “intermediary” or bought or sold anything on eBay or Craig’s List then you’ve been part of the disintermediation movement to a certain extent. Buying an airline ticket was once upon a time a middleman business. Not so much any more!

What about Oregon land use? A long running effort in the City of Newberg has been back and forth to the county, LUBA, Court of Appeals, back to the city and county, and now at DLCD. Soon it will be at LCDC, and then presumably, back to the Court of Appeals.

In the end it is only a question of whether the citizens of Newberg, acting through elected officials, can think of themselves as likely to need some industrial land, and if so, designate something that makes sense. Yes there are city citizens who disagree. Yes there are special interest organizations in opposition. Yes there are bureaucrats and lawyers with opinions.

The middle men, the intermediaries, add cost and delay. Do they add value? Remember the city went through the prescribed process for evaluating and balancing competing interests. A process at best somewhat vague and contradictory. A process that empowers the gadfly not the local legislative body.