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Breaking News – Land Use is Broken!

Officials from the legislature, the Governor’s office and the land use department have all said that yes, indeed, the land use program is broken. The most prominent coverage was mentioned in this post. Now what? Hunt down the culprits? Ask fundamental questions and make fundamental fixes?

No, gentle readers, no. That won’t happen. Of course, there is plenty of denial, such as this op-ed from one of the LCDC commissioners. And the usual suspects are hoping no one notices that the fix demanded by the legislature has really become a bureaucratic and special interest same old same old – check out the detailed notes.

Some people try to blame the so-called ‘grand bargain’ that settled the Metro reserves and UGB debacle – settled at least for a little while. The 2016 legislative session is likely to see more than one legislative proposal to fix the fix.

The technicians point toward the recent McMinnville court decision that imposed a bizarre and impossible to implement bifurcation of the UGB process from statute to rule and back again. The money shot is the conclusion that the legislature does not mean its statute to be impotent. There is some news value to that!

But readers of Crowdsource Oregon Land Use know the true cause is being explained in a series of posts called The Land Use Triad. As the next cycle of election and legislative session approaches it is important to understand the mechanics of the program, why it went wrong and who ran it into the ditch. Without that knowledge the land use program can’t be fixed. If it can’t be fixed it will be eliminated piece by piece. It will be one or the other.

Crowdsource Oregon Land Use exists to promote local solutions within a simple, workable statewide framework. The bureaucrats and special interest groups like having control consolidated in Salem so it is easier for them to get what they want.

Tell your local and state office candidates you want land use planning that works where you live. They want your vote – demand some commitment in return then hold them accountable.

A working government depends on a crowdsource solution that works for you!