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Land Use Reform Legislation Contest

 Land use is not going to fix itself. Apparently DLCD and LCDC are not going to fix it either. It doesn’t matter whether they can’t or won’t. Someone else will have to do it.

The whole point of this blog is to encourage and enable direct reform of the Oregon land use program. Let’s get started.

Valuable Prizes

Each team that develops or posts a complete proposal on this site that is awarded on official blue ribbon will also be awarded $100. We’ll work with each blue ribbon proposal to get it introduced as legislation. If it survives largely intact and gets signed by the Governor, the team will be awarded $500 and the thanks of a grateful state. If this really gets rolling there will be additional fund raising to increase the prize money incentives.

Few Rules

The main rule is to honor Oregon values not the politicians, bureaucracy or special interests. The other main rule is that the proposal must be written in a form easy to introduce as legislation. Look for help on this site. There may be other rules needed to guide the work. These will be posted as issues arise.

Assemble Your Team – Ask For Help

If tools or information are needed ask for help. Share with other teams. Let’s get this done.